Signs You Might Be Nature Deprived

Here are a few signs that you may miss nature:

  • You’ve said “We didn’t really have a Spring this year.”
  • You only spend time outside to get from point A to point B
  • You feel like time is speeding up and your days pass in a blur
  • You work long hours and you forget to take breaks
  • You are tired, worn out, exhausted
  • You find yourself seeking out nature documentaries, “cabin porn,” and pictures of animals
Williams Agate cabin
Do you look at pictures of cabins all day? You may be nature deprived. Image from Cabin Porn.
  • You dream about leaving your life so you can hike the Pacific Coast Trail
  • You think that there isn’t any nature in New York City and you need to go on vacation to find it
  • You feel like you are on a treadmill of work and need something to look forward to
  • You look at a glowing screen all day, but have a hard time unplugging when you get the chance
  • If you misplace your earbuds, you panic at the thought of a commute without music or a podcast
  • There was a time when you were younger that you thought about animals or wondered about oceans or stars. You are an adult now and you don’t have  time to think that way anymore.

Do any of these statements feel familiar?

If so, start here with a few ideas of how to re-introduce yourself to the natural world, even in New York City.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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